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#nameenvironmentgoldsilverbronzeauthor recauthorserver recrec daterec holder
Inactive 1.Press Forward2Speed50.0063.3063.3138.82 by Phoenix_TH55.38 on 2007-05-02 by MΞŤΛЯǏÐŁЄψ
Inactive 2.PRESS4WARD 2Speed69.0084.00129.0064.03 by [TnT]MAXOUno records
Inactive 3.SIOUXSpeed66.0079.2099.0065.89 by pit59.60 on 2007-01-26 by [TnT]Stoud
Inactive 4.SnowComplexNo2Alpine53.0058.0070.0050.16 by Sykophant50.08 on 2007-12-06 by Spriggans
Inactive 5.Jump'n'RunSpeed78.0095.00115.0076.83 by Sykophant80.31 on 2007-09-16 by <X>
Inactive 6.XTheWallrideRally21.0025.2031.5020.76 by XonE19.05 on 2007-01-28 by [TnT]Stoud
Inactive 7.Attractionnull76.0093.00143.0071.02 by platinum65.50 on 2009-04-01 by Dx.xkr92
Inactive 8.Desire SunAlpine38.0047.0072.0035.51 by platinum33.35 on 2008-02-06 by F1r3st0rm
Inactive 9.Tiger-RaceAlpine46.0055.2069.0045.18 by pit44.24 on 2007-04-25 by Keen
Inactive 10.The UnexpectedRally64.0078.00119.0059.40 by *Duckno records
Inactive 11.ProdigySpeed63.0070.0080.0062.93 by anakaine54.34 on 2007-01-20 by [TnT]Stoud
Inactive 12.2mn_PressForwardAlpine115.00138.00172.50114.98 by Alfinorno records
Inactive 13.Cabri002Alpine30.0036.0055.0027.47 by Fistuleno records
Inactive 14.Cabri012Speed30.0036.0055.0026.15 by Fistuleno records
Inactive 15.Cabri017Alpine32.0039.0059.0029.36 by Fistule28.09 on 2012-10-31 by ANTOINE
Inactive 16.waste-of-spaceAlpine58.0069.6087.0057.05 by irondragons46.32 on 2007-02-15 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 17.geographia.Speed48.0057.6072.0047.98 by irondragons40.31 on 2007-12-16 by faith
Inactive 18.XKRISWATCHINGYOURally92.00112.00172.0077.67 by ANTOINE72.32 on 2012-10-10 by *Garfovsky!
Inactive 19.CityHunter 2Alpine58.0065.0080.0057.80 by Akky54.26 on 2007-01-22 by ¤SFO¤Sq-one
Inactive 20.PureFunAlpine65.0070.0076.0064.54 by Akky63.04 on 2007-02-03 by olli
Inactive 21.StarForceSpeed62.0070.0080.0061.16 by Akky65.68 on 2007-01-29 by Taz957
Inactive 22.liveforspeedSpeed45.0054.0067.5044.45 by pit42.71 on 2007-02-19 by TnTPaGaisu
Inactive 23.ForbidencityAlpine81.0098.00151.0075.18 by Diego78.08 on 2008-01-05 by Ryo
Inactive 24.HandsHeldHighAlpine79.0096.00147.0068.70 by ÐŦ¤MΛЯkζ๑68.19 on 2010-05-12 by Romano|Zvarjein
Inactive 25.ANIMALAlpine62.5067.0090.0061.62 by *Garfovsky!61.23 on 2009-02-24 by Al3X*
Inactive 26.AbsolutionAlpine56.0067.2084.0055.95 by irondragons54.13 on 2007-01-05 by Ps'Cab
Inactive 27.ArcticRushAlpine40.0050.0075.0036.01 by Hageldave35.02 on 2007-12-22 by Oxyde
Inactive 28.en PressForwardSpeed51.0061.2076.5050.83 by Xenon__TMI_no records
Inactive 29. Damn hole!!!Speed80.0097.00149.0073.46 by Wurzellno records
Inactive 30.MoonwellAlpine63.0075.6094.5062.41 by KimOhNo62.24 on 2007-12-08 by faith
Inactive 31.SymDistrictSpeed58.0069.6087.0057.37 by KimOhNo57.23 on 2007-02-02 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 32.Nothing to doSpeed56.0057.0060.0055.18 by Wurzell58.58 on 2007-09-30 by Lysander
Inactive 33.Scissors+Speed54.0066.00101.0048.71 by Baboy46.18 on 2007-02-16 by TnTPaGaisu
Inactive 34.Icy-SpicyAlpine67.0081.00124.0061.88 by Sykophant60.21 on 2007-08-29 by Andreas
Inactive 35.ICE RushAlpine65.0068.00100.0064.56 by Sykophant70.61 on 2007-09-19 by Opegivvy
Inactive 36.ORASpeed51.0055.0076.0050.84 by Sykophant55.34 on 2007-09-19 by Opegivvy
Inactive 37.Technical2Speed58.0069.6087.0057.49 by DoeHnerTier52.19 on 2008-04-04 by CS Hak
Inactive 38.Press4warzSpeed105.00128.00196.0097.71 by N2O4NFSMW97.71 on 2007-01-16 by Miau
Inactive 39.-32-STEP~UPSpeed51.0061.2076.5050.11 by ThirtyTwono records
Inactive 40.After MidnightSpeed31.0038.0058.0028.97 by Sp00n27.82 on 2008-04-14 by xr//Axe
Inactive 41.HopelessRally53.0060.0070.0051.34 by Akky49.90 on 2007-02-08 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 42.Tight Alpine Area!Alpine65.0075.0085.0064.40 by Turbo197863.03 on 2007-02-21 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 43.heavy framesSpeed54.0064.8081.0053.14 by irondragons45.26 on 2007-07-31 by DJ Coco
Inactive 44.-HardRoad-Speed43.0051.6064.5042.00 by Panisno records
Inactive 45.PhearAlpine57.0068.4085.5056.64 by Panis61.26 on 2007-01-15 by [PoD]Grumpy
Inactive 46.TranceSpeed39.0048.0073.0036.31 by Sp00n37.97 on 2007-08-18 by Richard W.
Inactive 47.Into The NightSpeed59.2565.0085.0058.68 by *Garfovsky!57.55 on 2010-03-20 by Dx.Pooky!
Inactive 48.The CubeSpeed62.0074.4080.3061.00 by XonE55.35 on 2007-01-28 by [TnT]Stoud
Inactive 49.NeverLessAlpine54.0064.8081.0053.12 by flammysaacno records
Inactive 50.bliss*Alpine57.0068.4085.5056.37 by irondragons50.12 on 2007-08-28 by MΞŤΛЯǏÐŁЄψ
Inactive 51.*Ivrogne*Speed35.0043.0065.0032.45 by Florent_TM28.98 on 2007-03-16 by *Etii
Inactive 52.*EaseySpeed80.0097.00149.0068.48 by Seychellen177.08 on 2008-02-03 by EDU
Inactive 53.BreathSpeed72.4977.0095.0071.18 by *Garfovsky!70.16 on 2009-02-20 by *Soro!
Inactive 54.NADEO PostertrackSpeed436.00523.20654.00435.36 by Jey_Beeno records
Inactive 55.Hard StartSpeed63.1569.00103.0063.10 by Sykophant63.77 on 2007-12-06 by Spriggans
Inactive 56.Over|IceAlpine78.0082.00100.0075.09 by Sykophant73.94 on 2007-09-07 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 57.(m2h)-Press ForwardSpeed23.0027.6034.5022.67 by blame m2h!16.49 on 2007-05-26 by Bougnette
Inactive 58.Alpine Speedline 2Alpine70.0085.00130.0064.80 by Mirco_the_Racer54.47 on 2012-11-09 by *Garfovsky!
Inactive 59.AstraRunSpeed72.0086.40108.0071.56 by Starbuck73.80 on 2007-01-05 by nOOb Felix
Inactive 60.ChailSpeed228.00276.00425.00212.30 by Raser07no records
Inactive 61.DarkTemptationSpeed66.0079.2099.0065.40 by marian64.88 on 2007-01-26 by [TnT]Stoud
Inactive 62.Distort ed R oAdSpeed63.0076.00117.0056.73 by feuerstein00151.34 on 2007-02-05 by TnTPaGaisu
Inactive 63.ElevatorSpeed30.0036.0045.0029.86 by Smoke11.78 on 2007-09-13 by Wallor
Inactive 64.Extreme AbyssSpeed42.5049.0084.0041.55 by domdadude37.93 on 2008-10-03 by *Viper
Inactive 65.HiSpeedN`aimSpeed13.0015.6019.5012.20 by Snodig11.13 on 2007-06-02 by yoni
Inactive 66.Ice Cool ClimateAlpine90.00101.00148.0088.97 by domdadude85.74 on 2008-10-18 by Đχ.ИikØs
Inactive 67.KaesekaestchenAlpine128.00153.60192.00118.45 by Amosh106.04 on 2007-02-09 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 68.LabyrinthusSpeed55.0067.00103.0051.00 by Raser07no records
Inactive 69.Mountain RushAlpine78.0095.00146.0072.87 by Alan9140.92 on 2007-08-06 by xr//Axe
Inactive 70.Never-lightSpeed47.0056.4070.5046.12 by irondragons38.52 on 2007-01-24 by Hop
Inactive 71.PlatformA1Speed0.000.0030.0151.81 by Nadeo29.25 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 72.PlatformA2Speed0.000.0030.0181.10 by Nadeono records
Inactive 73.PlatformA3Speed0.000.0030.01127.95 by Nadeo81.70 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 74.PlatformB1Alpine0.000.0030.0198.25 by Nadeo45.34 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 75.PlatformB2Alpine0.000.0030.0169.22 by Nadeono records
Inactive 76.PlatformB3Alpine0.000.0030.0191.44 by Nadeo95.21 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 77.PlatformC1Rally0.000.0030.01148.67 by Nadeono records
Inactive 78.RaceA1Alpine25.6030.8045.8319.80 by Nadeo20.18 on 2006-12-30 by ~NLK~Wurschtel
Inactive 79.RaceA2Alpine31.3738.5149.3226.35 by Nadeo25.91 on 2007-01-01 by Miau
Inactive 80.RaceB1Speed36.5940.8250.7328.62 by Nadeo28.83 on 2006-12-30 by Miau
Inactive 81.RaceB2Speed50.4956.0875.3037.08 by Nadeo37.53 on 2006-12-30 by Miau
Inactive 82.RaceB3Speed40.8650.3968.0134.90 by Nadeo36.77 on 2006-12-30 by HôlyAngel
Inactive 83.RaceB4Speed47.1556.4673.7139.62 by Nadeo40.66 on 2006-12-30 by ~NLK~Wurschtel
Inactive 84.RaceB5Speed25.8830.9145.7720.32 by Nadeo20.71 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 85.RaceB6Speed57.6372.4197.3148.23 by Nadeo50.76 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 86.RaceB7Speed49.4758.5777.2439.37 by Nadeo44.22 on 2006-12-31 by *Viper
Inactive 87.RaceB8Speed42.4451.5070.8739.46 by Nadeo39.94 on 2006-12-30 by ~NLK~Wurschtel
Inactive 88.RaceC1Rally29.6841.7844.8024.98 by Nadeo28.03 on 2006-12-30 by yan
Inactive 89.RaceC2Rally30.5739.8445.7026.59 by Nadeo30.24 on 2006-12-30 by yan
Inactive 90.RaceC3Rally34.9842.8553.1631.11 by Nadeono records
Inactive 91.RaceC4Rally64.7475.2490.1759.34 by Nadeono records
Inactive 92.RaceC5Rally42.2146.7456.7540.41 by Nadeo40.13 on 2006-12-30 by ~NLK~Wurschtel
Inactive 93.RaceC6Rally53.4259.1269.1745.50 by Nadeo46.03 on 2006-12-31 by Wumbel
Inactive 94.RaceC7Rally72.2279.8095.1166.51 by Nadeo64.87 on 2006-12-31 by Wumbel
Inactive 95.RaceC8Rally42.8049.5761.3838.98 by Nadeo41.85 on 2006-12-30 by ~NLK~Wurschtel
Inactive 96.RaceD1Alpine37.8443.9559.8436.45 by Nadeo35.76 on 2007-01-02 by Wumbel
Inactive 97.RaceD2Alpine36.5141.9155.1132.95 by Nadeo34.14 on 2007-01-02 by Spirix
Inactive 98.RaceD3Alpine43.3047.9358.5139.71 by Nadeo39.44 on 2007-01-02 by *Viper
Inactive 99.RaceD4Alpine58.1163.9580.0253.13 by Nadeo52.63 on 2006-12-30 by HôlyAngel
Inactive 100.RaceD5Alpine55.7760.7585.8850.95 by Nadeo50.37 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 101.RaceD6Alpine56.4361.3671.5552.48 by Nadeo51.75 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 102.RaceD7Alpine49.0253.8671.1946.16 by Nadeo49.33 on 2007-01-01 by sam
Inactive 103.RaceD8Alpine45.9551.1373.0238.63 by Nadeo40.97 on 2007-01-02 by Wumbel
Inactive 104.RaceE1Speed54.5260.2176.7748.72 by Nadeo47.65 on 2007-01-01 by Miau
Inactive 105.RaceE2Speed53.1658.6971.9045.90 by Nadeo46.23 on 2007-01-02 by dac| Shark
Inactive 106.RaceE3Speed44.3248.5566.4342.63 by Nadeo39.72 on 2007-01-02 by dac| Shark
Inactive 107.RaceE4Speed34.1937.3847.5730.01 by Nadeo30.76 on 2007-01-02 by [TnT] »Scorpion«
Inactive 108.RaceE5Speed65.8973.4184.9559.43 by Nadeo56.17 on 2007-01-02 by dac| Shark
Inactive 109.RaceE6Speed67.5272.4691.2661.60 by Nadeo61.75 on 2007-01-02 by [TnT] »Scorpion«
Inactive 110.RaceE7Speed123.74128.02147.37114.66 by Nadeo114.40 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 111.RaceE8Speed61.2866.3180.4058.07 by Nadeo56.76 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 112.RaceF1Rally43.6848.1462.3541.06 by Nadeo39.11 on 2007-01-01 by Miau
Inactive 113.RaceF2Rally72.1278.2795.5371.26 by Nadeo71.11 on 2007-01-01 by Wumbel
Inactive 114.RaceF3Rally68.1273.9589.6264.78 by Nadeo64.03 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 115.RaceF4Rally42.7847.2559.0440.98 by Nadeo39.80 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 116.RaceF5Rally52.2357.3469.4949.36 by Nadeo52.68 on 2007-01-02 by [GTC]mischdi
Inactive 117.RaceF6Rally63.9570.2579.2561.46 by Nadeo60.35 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 118.RaceF7Rally106.61117.44156.06103.02 by Nadeo99.78 on 2007-01-03 by nOOb Felix
Inactive 119.RaceF8Rally77.2586.9897.1775.26 by Nadeo78.98 on 2007-01-01 by Wumbel
Inactive 120.RaceG1Speed184.22191.44210.06181.92 by Nadeono records
Inactive 121.RaceG2Alpine267.99286.36354.89267.54 by Nadeo274.52 on 2007-01-03 by nOOb Felix
Inactive 122.Round&RoundAlpine78.0093.60117.0077.13 by Starbuck75.30 on 2007-02-08 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 123.Speedchasenull122.00148.00227.00113.32 by Raser07no records
Inactive 124.Survival01Alpine49.7753.4359.8649.77 by Nadeo50.10 on 2007-01-03 by Wumbel
Inactive 125.Survival02Alpine61.7764.7274.8161.77 by Nadeo64.73 on 2007-01-03 by Wumbel
Inactive 126.Survival03Alpine63.4768.5576.0963.47 by Nadeo63.01 on 2007-01-03 by nOOb Felix
Inactive 127.Survival04Alpine58.7061.9270.8258.70 by Nadeo58.20 on 2007-01-02 by [TnT] »Scorpion«
Inactive 128.Survival05Alpine47.6252.0759.1547.62 by Nadeo47.37 on 2007-01-02 by dac| Shark
Inactive 129.Survival06Alpine59.4564.2172.4156.10 by Nadeo57.34 on 2007-01-01 by [TnT] »Scorpion«
Inactive 130.Survival07Speed56.1059.8563.1456.10 by Nadeo55.95 on 2007-01-01 by Miau
Inactive 131.Survival08Speed57.3761.6766.2157.37 by Nadeo58.16 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 132.Survival09Speed55.9159.9063.3355.91 by Nadeo58.67 on 2007-01-02 by [TnT] »Scorpion«
Inactive 133.Survival10Speed51.8655.2762.5851.86 by Nadeo52.62 on 2007-01-01 by dac| Shark
Inactive 134.Survival11Speed55.6659.0568.5155.66 by Nadeo58.72 on 2007-01-02 by *Viper
Inactive 135.Survival12Speed46.1150.7755.3446.11 by Nadeo45.65 on 2007-01-02 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 136.Survival13Rally52.7754.7456.8052.77 by Nadeo52.02 on 2007-01-03 by Darkcool
Inactive 137.Survival14Rally60.3962.8164.8660.39 by Nadeo63.42 on 2007-01-02 by 3D|LµnoX
Inactive 138.Survival15Rally59.5762.0563.9059.57 by Nadeo58.77 on 2007-01-02 by [TnT] »Scorpion«
Inactive 139.Survival16Rally50.5552.3154.4650.55 by Nadeo47.42 on 2007-01-01 by Miau
Inactive 140.Survival17Rally60.4862.6364.7660.48 by Nadeo62.26 on 2007-01-03 by Wumbel
Inactive 141.Survival18Rally52.1054.8256.3952.10 by Nadeo54.31 on 2007-01-02 by Spirix
Inactive 142.The little TownRally45.0055.0084.0041.57 by Alan9139.97 on 2008-02-17 by alexis
Inactive 143.Tutenkhamun's LairSpeed56.0060.0092.0055.57 by domdadude48.77 on 2008-10-04 by *Garfovsky!
Inactive 144.VariousRoutesSpeed55.0066.0082.5054.74 by Starbuck43.45 on 2007-09-07 by [TnT]MAXOU
Inactive 145.losing my gripAlpine70.0084.00105.0069.18 by Faith70.29 on 2007-02-04 by Darkcool
Inactive 146.xkr07c_vSpeed32.0039.0060.0028.45 by xkr4730.75 on 2008-03-11 by |GRR|Snowke
Inactive 147.xkr08j_vcnull65.0076.00105.0060.67 by xkr47no records

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