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Chat with players and admin

The server chat is connected to IRC and Discord, so you can chat with players and the server admin there. On discord there is also a lobby for general chat. You can for example see when other players are playing so you know it is a good time to join :) Hope to see you there!

  1. IRC: server,
    channel #outerspace-tmo

My servers

  1. TMO Outerspace (xkr47) (offline)
  2. TMS Outerspace (xkr47)
  3. TMN Outerspace (xkr47)
  4. TMUF Outerspace (xkr47) TMOF
  5. TMUF Outerspace (xkr47) TMSF
  6. TMUF Outerspace (xkr47) TMNF

Crazy map being played by xkr47 on 2006-12-29

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